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AZ Christmas Lighting provides several services.  We also handle special requests not listed below, you are welcome to contact me with your lighting needs.

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Lease Our Lights & Decorations

This is the most popular option.  Using our lights gives you the flexibility and freedom to have a different lighting design every year without having to shop for, purchase, and store any of the lights.

Basically, tell us what you'd like to see (we'll help with the design if you're not sure what might look nice), We provide and hang the lights

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Leasing from AZ Christmas Lights simplifies the entire process of decorating your home for the holidays.

When you rent our Christmas lights and displays, everything needed to complete the job is provided for you by AZ Christmas Lighting.  This service proves to be a major benefit to you.

  • Saving you time
    Freeing you to do more important tasks in your life during this sometimes hectic time of year. You don’t have to wrestle boxes of tangled strands of lights and have to test to insure each are operating properly.
  • Saving you energy and risk
    You are not spending hours sorting through storage, climbing up and down a ladder, scaling your roof, and risking injury.
  • Less clutter
    I maintain and store all of my lights that I provide to you, never requiring you to make room to store a thing. Giving you the flexibility to design your home however you like. Each year you have the option to change the entire theme and scope of your Christmas lighting design.

As an option at no additional fee, your lighting design and installation can be made fully automatic with photo-electric timers.  We use photo-electric timers which will allow the lights to automatically turn on at sunset and turn off at your desired time interval (2 to 8 hours).

Note:  Sales tax is required for the lease of all decor, lights and equipment.

Lights On Guarantee

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AZ Christmas Lighting’s “Lights-On” guarantee means you never have to scale a ladder and get on top of your roof to try and figure out which little bulb is causing the line or section of lights to go out.

If for any reason a problem arises with the lights, timers that we lease to you, or if the lights become dislodged from their mounting points, we will come out and repair the issue completely free of charge.

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We'll Hang The Lights You Own

Do you own bins full of Christmas lights & don't want to hang them? Don't want to untangled strands of lights? Don't want to scale your roof?  Too busy?

Unlike other holiday lighting companies, we'll gladly assist you to design and decorate your home with the lights you own or provide.

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If you own or choose to provide lights to be hung, AZ Christmas Lighting will gladly install your Christmas lights for you.

Often times, you may have collected various strands of lights over the years and know how you would like your home decorated, and for a number of reasons you just need or want someone else do it for you.  And do it well.

We get it and we’re glad to assist you!

AZ Christmas Lighting will

  • come out and work with you to come up with a lighting design that you and your family will enjoy
  • hang the lights you own or you have purchased and provided
  • be available for any repair and service calls*
  • take the lights down and assist you to neatly store them
  • not be able to guarantee your lights are working**
  • not supply additional extension chords, timers, decor and lights.**

What YOU will need to do…

  • is have all the lights, decor, electrical chords, and timers available at the time and date of your install.
  • is be available to direct and guide our crew in neatly storing your lights and decorations, when decor is uninstalled. ***

*AZ Christmas Lighting will be come out for any repairs and … caused by improper installation, free of additional charge.  Any lighting issues caused by power-outages for an additional trip charge of $30.

**All lights, decor, electrical extension chords, timers and such must be provided by you, on or before the install is scheduled.  An additional service to lease all or some supplies can be arranged prior to installation.

*** Storage must be on-site, such as a garage, attic, backyard shed or similar.  An additional service to transport storage bins to an off-site facility can be arrange for an additional fee.  See “Other Services” for additional information.

Additional Services

We'll Store Your Decor For You

You asked for it... You Got It!

Some of our clients have inquired about storing their bins of Holiday decor for them.  Beginning in 2014, we do have the space to organize and store your bins of lights and decor.

Starting as little as

$14 per month

Lighting For Your Event

Beginning in 2014, AZ Christmas Lighting will be available year-round to light up any of your upcoming small events.

  • Birthday Party
  • Wedding
  • Family Reunion
  • Pool Party
  • And More...

I recently moved to a house where the roofline was much higher than I willing to scale.  I was excited to find AZ Christmas Lighting and could not be more impressed with their service… Jasper Welsh was very professional.  My lights are beautiful!

Christy McGraw, Peoria, AZ

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